why we rock

Full HD cameras means when you get your edited videos, they'll be crystal clear.

Speaking of editing... we do that too. And we produce. And we direct. And we do on camera p.r. training.... Need we continue?

Plus, our cameras run on solar power, volunteer at Habitat for Humanity and read books to children at the library, and we're pretty sure, by definition, anything that does all that, rocks! *

* Ok, so they don't actually do all that yet, but we're working on it.

The proof is in the pudding play button

Mmmm... pudding. We're not really sure where that saying comes from, but we think it means something like: "If you need proof of our video abilities, check out our video work". So we encourage you to do just that. Click the demo reel link to view our demo reel. Need something a little more specific? We've got you covered. Just shoot us an email and we can provide you with examples more specific to your needs.

Watch the Demo Reel


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One part anarchy

Well, just our blog, but it won't cost you 10 bucks at a bar, goes down smooth and won't give you a headache the next day ... hopefully.

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